The platform built for
the future of HR

Emotie is not just an in-hand app; it was also built to help managers understand the whole person — their performance, engagement and wellbeing — at a glance.

Importantly, Emotie’s management and admin dashboards are just as user-friendly as the app, with reporting, feedback and surveying tools that keep managers in the loop, and empower them to facilitate an agile, self-driven work culture.

With its smooth front- and back-end user experience, Emotie is quickly taken up by employees right across the organisation, from seasoned managers to new hires.

Platform features

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Unlock the power of
transformational communication

Emotie reconfigures the way hybrid and remote workplaces interact. Using Emotie, employees engage each other differently by drawing on the principles of transformational communication.

This is the most fundamental and yet difficult thing to achieve consistently in the workplace. Overcoming this challenge has been made even more urgent with the rise of remote and hybrid offices.

Emotie was built with this rudimentary need in mind, and tackles the challenge through a combination of clever design and user-driven HR features.

Emotie not only looks and feels great on desktop, tablet and mobile, but its uplifting design and expressive Emoties encourage frequent and authentic communication. This strategic design is then buttressed by Check-in, Big Intention (Goal Setting) and Feedback modules.

We all know how important listening is, and yet we still do so little of it, especially in the hustle and din of a busy workplace.

Emotie’s Check-in, Survey and Feedback modules, combined with its at-a-glance manager dashboard, means listening — the essential counterpart of connecting — is no longer optional.

Many workplaces mistakenly seem to operate on the adage ‘ask not want not’. However, we now know reality couldn’t be further from the truth, with those needing the most help often requesting it the least.

Emotie has been built on the assumption that everyone who is trying to kick goals, get things done and improve themselves needs help — and often.

Emotie makes it normal to ask for help and to offer assistance.

The natural by-product of connecting, expressing, listening and asking — and being encouraged to do so — is understanding.

The holy grail of HR management, understanding is difficult to achieve because it rests on a workplace culture that encourages frequent authentic communication.
Without the inspiration that comes from sharing, communication can quickly feel like a chore imposed upon the workplace. Above all, humans are inspired by humans, and the ideas and enthusiasm of those around them.
The remote work experience has underlined just how critical trust is to the accomplishment of anything in the workplace. Managers who resist the self-serving impulse to control and surveil, and who trade in the currency of trust, are those who elevate employee performance.

This trust can only be developed in a context of high-quality connection and authentic communication.

In a real team, and a real employee-led workplace, celebration is everyone’s. By making everyone responsible for successes and failures, Emotie not only drives higher workplace productivity, it also makes success a team sport feeding back reward for a job well done.

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