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        Emotie Pricing

        • For information on product pricing, please see our Pricing Page.

        Billing Cycle

        • The billing cycle can be either monthly or annually. We use GoCardless which makes it easy to pay and organise billing cycles that work best for your organisation.

        Emotie Features

        • All the features of Emotie are included in the price including updates. We charge a flat fee.

        User Onboarding

        • User onboarding is included in the price. Should the onboarding be more than 3 onboarding sessions with employees, we will charge accordingly.

        Separate Team Launches

        • As mentioned in user onboarding, if more than 3 onboarding sessions are required we will charge accordingly, usually £1,500 a day.

        Superuser Training

        • We will train up to two (2) superusers within an organisation at no extra cost. We spent time with each superuser to ensure they know there way around the platform well.

        Additional Superusers

        • We will charge a flat fee of £500 for each additional superuser, in addition to the initial 2 superusers. If a superuser exits an organisation, we will not charge an additional amounts for any transition and upskilling of another superuser.

        Helpdesk & Support

        • Full helpdesk and technical support are included in the price. We will not be charging any set up fees.

        HR Integration Consulting

        • As experienced HR Consultants, we provide our consulting services if required. We have had first-hand experience integrating solutions, including talent management, performance, reward practices and HR audit & governance.
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