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Performance Management, Discipline, Grit and Resilience

Performance Management, Discipline, Grit and Resilience

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and many of them have incorporated the concept of grit, resilience and discipline. Much of this is in the context of leadership but it got me thinking about how this applies to anyone in an organisation. Just how can grit, resilience and discipline play a part in the broader concept of organisations and the relationships between employees and managers, and peer to peer relationships?

Reinventing Performance Management Is More than Simply Ditching Your Appraisal Process

It’s very easy to say ‘let’s ditch the annual performance management appraisal process’, but what does that really mean? What should it look like? Where should we start? It’s not an easy transition and to change a major human resources program like performance management, we need to be sure of what we do want and what we don’t want to find the right solution. We also have to think about the other programs linked to performance management, like compensation, development and feedback.

Remote Workers Require Human Connection For Better Employee Engagement and Employee Wellbeing

We know from research that remote workers can be lonely and disengaged. Often they are working on their own, and a lot of the communication is over email, text and instant messaging. Whilst these communications are great and a necessity, there is a lack of human and social connection either over the phone or in person. There can be a great deal of isolation. This as you can imagine, has an impact on the individual and far outweighs performance expectations and tracking of time.