The app that drives
authentic engagement

Emotie makes it a breeze to coordinate busy offices and remote workplaces.

By simply pressing an Emotie in the flow of everyday work, employees can self-manage and coordinate, share with each other, seek support or send important signals without disrupting flow, creativity and output.

At a glance, managers can focus on the things that matter without getting tied up in the minutiae.

Ideal for the new hybrid office work environment, Emotie makes regular engagement and authentic conversation organisational norms.

With employees communicating their feelings early and often teams collaborate better, people feel understood and supported, and managers stay informed.

App features

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Cleverly simple design

For users, the aim was to make it super easy to express complex feelings in the moment through simple navigation, likable characters and uplifting visual design.

For admins, the aim was to make Emotie a simple technology addition that is easy to roll out and implement, requires few ongoing resources, and can be used by managers intuitively without burdensome explanation.

Small emotiecons
huge workplace impact!
Emotie: Wellbeing at Work

Success with Emotie