About Us

“When we started designing Emotie, it was already clear that HR practice was due for a major shift. What we didn’t know is just how important our solution would become during Covid-19 and the inflation surge which followed.”

Drawing on decades of HR Management experience at the highest corporate levels, Prue Armstrong and Claire Owen have combined their HR know-how, the latest insights from the human sciences and UX design, and three years of in-situ testing to help businesses and employees succeed with Emotie.

Emotie: Wellbeing at Work

Our mission

Emotie’s mission is to transform organisations by enabling real-time, authentic employee communication through an elegantly simple app and platform that improve performance, engagement, wellbeing and business outcomes.

Our team

Prue Armstrong, Co-Founder

My experience extends over 20 years in International Human Resources, working across three continents. Most recently, I have been in the United Kingdom consulting on performance and talent management. It is in the United Kingdom that Emotie was born. As HR professionals, we knew there had to be a better way!

Claire Owen, Co-Founder

I am an FCIPD-qualified HR generalist with over 20 years' experience and an extensive range of achievements in dynamic, demanding businesses. Emotie was born when I was consulting in the area of performance management. As an HR professional, I knew it was time to provide a simple and effective way to improve performance, while tapping into employee emotions and wellbeing.

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