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Genuine transformation takes emotional connection

At Emotie, we set out to solve the single most difficult problem facing workplaces today: how can remote, hybrid and distributed workplaces stay emotionally connected?

Distant, impersonal HR processes have never worked. But they are now more costly than ever before as workers seek a healthy balance between individual expression and organisational belonging.

By prioritising people’s emotions, Emotie brings everyone into the heart of the workplace conversation, wherever they work, whatever their role. Head office, home office, front of house, factory floor, on the road, Emotie draws people together and makes everyone’s voice and feelings count.

With Emotie helping employees to communicate the way they feel in an authentic, enjoyable and spontaneous way, teams become better synchronised, managers become better informed, and individuals become better at driving their own contribution to the organisation.

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Emotie: Wellbeing at Work

Make everyone in your
workplace matter more

The surge in inflation which followed hot on the heels of the pandemic compounded organisational and worker stress. Not only did the pandemic lead to a broad reassessment of work, popularly known as ‘The Great Resignation’, but inflation pressures then meant organisations needed more from their people.

As tempting as it might be to revisit command-and-control management styles, this challenge is not going to be overcome by less trust and more psychological distance. On the contrary, it will only be overcome through a new form of workplace engagement that fosters expression, listening, understanding, sharing, mental health and wellbeing.

By transforming the way the post-Covid-19 workplace communicates, Emotie makes everyone matter more.

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